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  • Are You Ready for ESG?

    Corporate leaders need to be as concerned with ESG as their investors and regulators. Environmental, social and governance covers a broad range of critical business factors and is not "just" sustainability. This Vanguard Dialogue with ESG expert Sally Curley and Eastgroup Properties CFO Brent Wood, offers practical advice on catching up to ESG needs and expectations for leaders and boards.
  • How to Join a Board — And Which Board do You Want to Join?

    It may seem that serving on a board is a natural extension of organizational leadership. Yet, there are key differences in the roles, and a unique selection process. Are you ready to serve on a board? Do you know how to select the right board? Mark A. Pfister, CEO of the M. A. Pfister Strategy Group, and Vanguard's Ken Banta share some of the key questions you will be asked — and should ask yo...
  • The New World of Work: Leaders Are Not Superheroes

    The pandemic has reshaped workplace leadership as early success in the vaccine rollout has given way to hesitancy and resistance. Ken Banta, Kristi Sorbello Frank and Viq Pervaaz agree: It’s crucial for bosses to address those feelings head on, both in their people and in themselves.
  • A Toolkit for Leaders

    Senior leaders are facing high stakes decisions about workforce COVID vaccination. Mandate? Encourage? Risk losing talented people who are resistant? The Vanguard Vaccination Project offers powerful insights from global experts to help leaders make these critical judgements. This series of short videos, at-a-glance articles and brief podcasts, curates what CEOs, General Counsels and other lead...
  • From Lawyer to General Counsel

    You don't need a PhD in immunology to be General Counsel of Regeneron -- but it would help, says Joe LaRosa. He and his team conquered a steep learning curve as Regeneron quickly developed a COVID therapeutic. This experience is an example of the broad and diverse skills needed for lawyers to become GCs, according to LaRosa.
  • Mandatory Vaccinations: Are They Legal or Smart?

    Organizations have a compelling interest in protecting their workforce, but must consider the legal and moral implications of mandatory vaccination. Joe Hamid, partner at Debevoise and Plimpton, explores the role of the General Counsel in leading this decision making.
  • Vexations over Vaccinations: An Ethical Minefield

    Business leaders are in uncharted territory when considering how best to protect employees and customers. The legal and ethical implications are dizzying. Dr. Art Caplan unpacks the nuances from his unique position as a global expert on bioethics.
  • Becoming a Master at Tough Decision-Making: David Pyott Tells H

    Legendary CEO David Pyott explores the nuances of decision making in this excerpt from his "Leading From Experience" session with LIfe Sciences leaders. Pyott explains the critical differences between leading a startup and an established organization, and how to prepare an organization for "courageous" decision making.
  • How to Lead Ethically in a Pandemic

    Arthur Caplan, head of the Division of Ethics at NYU Langone Medical Center, is one of the world's leading medical ethicists and a prolific writer and academic. In this video, he and Vanguard founder Ken Banta discuss the decision-making challenges leaders face at a moment like this.
 The conversation is part of an ongoing series of Vanguard Dialogues with top leaders about &quo...
  • What Do Businesses Owe Society?

    At 34, Vivek Ramaswamy, founder and CEO of Roivant Sciences, is already a top leader in biotech. In Roivant, he has created a unique company comprising smaller units that together boast more that 45 investigational drugs in 14 therapeutic areas. Here, he shares his (somewhat provocative) thoughts on the responsibilities of corporations in times of crisis. The conversation is part of an ongoing ...
  • Boards Abhor Uncertainty

    Tom Sabatino, who's beenl GC for companies including Aetna, Hertz, Walgreens and United Airlines, joins Debevoise & Plimpton partner Mark Goodman to talk about how to keep your board in-the-know — and how to feel secure about your leadership — in the midst of global crisis. The conversation is part of an ongoing series of Vanguard Dialogues with top leaders about &a...
  • Keeping Things Running, Whatever Else Is Going On

    David Pyott, CBE, former chairman and CEO of Allergan and now a board member of Royal Philips and several other companies, has been acknowledged as one of the 100 best-performing CEOs in the world by Harvard Business Review. Here, David brings all that experience to bear in a chat with Vanguard founder Ken Banta about how to manage risk and find opportunity in crisis. The conversation is par...
  • Holding Fast to Purpose

    Dr. Jeremy Levin, CEO of Ovid Therapeutics and chairman of BIO, the leading biotech trade association, speaks with Ken Banta, founder of the Vanguard Group for Leadership, about the crucial role of purpose in leading through uncertain times. Dr. Levin has also held CEO and other top-management jobs at Teva Pharmaceuticals, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Novartis, and other global firms. The convers...
  • Turning Crisis Into Positive Change

    How can leaders identify and make the most of opportunities for positive change presented by the pandemic? Leaders and leadership experts, including Pfenex chairman Jason Grenfell-Gardner and Humanigen CEO Cameron Durrant, point to clarity, deep listening and empathy as the crucial starting points.
  • Leading Through Crisis

    Vanguard’s Ken Banta spoke with Amber Edwards, Chief Commercial Officer of Alastin Skincare, and Matt Morgan, CEO of Vertava Health, about lessons they’ve learned from leading through the pandemic crisis. When Amber’s then-employer pulled out of the US market at the start of the pandemic, she focused on what she could control, and found that relating to her people with compassion and communicating...
  • From Lawyers to Top Leaders: The Vanguard Forum for GCs

    General Counsels are increasingly called to provide leadership — not only to their departments, but across their companies and, often, their industries. The Vanguard Forum for General Counsels brings together legal leaders from a range of industries to talk candidly about leading as a GC. The Forum allows them to share insights and practical knowledge about what works, and what doesn't, in answeri...
  • Communicating Courageously With the Board

    David King, Executive Board Chairman and former CEO of LabCorp, has a unique perspective on both the demands of board-management relations and what it takes for leaders to meet a moment like this.
  • Transforming Our “Sick Care” System

    As Vanguard’s principal, Ken Banta, notes at the start of this conversation, “healthcare is widely seen as being broken here in the U.S.” Ken is speaking with Andrew Thompson, co-founder of Spring Ridge Ventures. Andrew argues that we don’t have a healthcare system at all, but rather a 20th-century “sick care” system, ill-equipped for the chronic conditions that are now our biggest health issu...